TESTING Week: Tues – Fri April 10-13

Wishing all our HSI-Katy scholars best of luck during the testing week.  Please remember to:

  • Get plenty of rest.
  • Eat a healthy breakfast.
  • Students can visit lockers before school’s morning bell.  But students are to take everything they need for the test or for all 3 blocks if they are not testing.  After the morning bell, no lockers can be visited until lunch break.
  • All clubs and tutorials cancelled unless a special arrangement has been made with a teacher/mentor.
  • No hoodies allowed even if students are testing.
  • Testing students can bring a book, snack and drink.
  • Students going on field trips will not visit lockers at all; so leave belongings at home on the day of the field trip.
  • Review the daily schedules so every student knows where to go each day.

~Tuesday Schdule

~ Wednesday Schedule

~ Thursday Schedule

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