Dear students,
Update: AP Summer assignment deadline extended to August 26th Friday

AP Summer assignments deadline has been extended to August 26th Friday. This applies to all AP Courses.

Friendly Reminder to all 8th-12th grade students, Please see below,


  • Please submit your AP Summer Assignments and AP contract via this form by uploading them.
  • Students who fail to submit summer assignments and HSI-Katy Advanced Placement (AP) Student Contract signed by a student and a parent/a guardian by  Aug 26th, 2022, will be MOVED from advanced placement courses to on-level courses at the beginning of the year.
  • No submissions will be accepted AFTER the deadlines. It is the students’/ parents/guardians` responsibility to ensure that all required information is provided and the request forms/assignments are complete.
  • No submission will be accepted by emails. Please make sure you submit your AP summer assignments on time via this form.

Thank you and have a wonderful summer! 

HSI Katy AP Committee

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